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12/13/2021 - 12/19/2021

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Weekly Announcements

1) Thanks to everyone who came out to the Christmas Party. It was a blast!

2) Spence Christmas Angel Tree Info (Again)

- If you have a size question or other question please text me.

3) Reminder NEW CLASS TIME

Mon, Wed, and Fri we will have a 7:45am Class Time

**Friday 6:30pm classes are cancelled moving forward



A) 2x12 Bench Press @3010 tempo


B) 2x10 Bench Press @3010 tempo


C) 2x8 Incline Bench @3010 tempo


D) 5 Rounds w/ a Partner for time

p1:300/250m Row

p2:15 Burpees

*15min Cap

*5 rounds each

*Both partners working at same time and swtich



A) 3 Rounds for Warmup:

15 Russian KBS

10 Goblet Squats

5 squat jumps


B) In 12 min Perform the Following

5x6/side Bulg Split Squat*


C) 200 Wtd Walking Lunges

*Every 3 min do 10 burpees

*Do not start with 10 burpees

*18min Cap



A) 5 Sets

1,2,3,4 Strict C2b Ladder

*Scale to Pullup Ladder

*12min Cap


B) 4 Sets

10 Lateral Raise

10 Bent Over Rear Fly

10 Front Raise


C) 5 RFT

200m DB/KB FC

400m Run



A) 10min Amrap w/ Partner

Toes 2 Bar


B) 21min Amrap w/ Partner

6 Power Cleans (155/105)

15 Box Jump (24/20)



A) 10min AMRAP

6/side Full KB Clean

6 Yoga Pushup


B) 5 Sets in 20min

10 Back Sqaut

Immedaitely into


Rest as Needed


C) 4x6/side Drop Lunges w/ Barbell out of Rack



In 15min 5 sets

A1) 8 Seated Hammer Grip Db Strict Press @3010


A2) Amrap Strict Chin Up

Rest as Needed


For time:

550m Run

75 Double Unders or Ball Jumps

75 Mtn Climbers

75 Push Ups

75 Sit Ups

75 Mtn Climbers

75 Double Unders or Ball Jumps

550m Run


Sunday Specialty Class

Dec 19th: Arm Day w/ Zach

Upcoming Sundays

Dec 26th: Cancelled for Xmas Holiday


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