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1/18/2021 - 1/24/2021

Weekly Announcements

1) The Lifestyle Plan Participations @ Vickery Athletics

-Individualized plans via email Tuesday Morning

-Live Zoom Meeting Q&A w/ Roberto and Zach WEDNESDAY @ 730pm

2) Sunday Specialty Class this Week Movement Therapy with Jess: Hip and Low Back Care and Mobility



A) Emom X 7

6 Barbell RDL

8 Bent Over Row

6 Burpees


B) 4 Sets in 15min

18-20 Bottoms Up DB Bench Press

2.2 Mixed Grip Weighted Pullups


C) 4 Rounds for Time

10 Kipping Pullups > 6 Kipping > Tough Jumping

10/10 Offset Push Ups > Knees

20 L Crunches



A) 26-20-15

Single Leg Db/KB RDL

Squat Band Single Leg Hip Bodyweight w/12sec hold on last rep

Split Stance RKBS


B) E90s x 14 Sets

Min 1: 6 Single DB Deadlifts + 6/arm Db Hang Snatch + 6 Box Jumps

Min 2: 18/15 Cal Row



A) 12 minutes

35sec Run

25sec Walk

B) EMOM x 12:

Min 1: 2 Turkish Get Ups R + 5 Burpees

2nd : 2 Turkish Get Ups L + 5 Burpees

C) EMOM x12

12/10 Cal AB

D) EMOM x 10:

Min 1: 40sec Single Unders

Min 2 - 35sec Bar Hang



A) 3 Sets:

30m KB/DB Rack Carry (stop every 10m and complete 5 Dual KB/DB Press)

5 KB/DB Windmill R

5 KB/DB Windmill L

15sec Single Arm Plank R

15sec Single Arm Plank L


B) 5 Rounds for Time

12 Ring Dips

15/side Bench Assisted Heavy Db/KB Row


C) 5 Rounds for time

12 Strict Pullups

*2 second count at bottom

15/side Heavy Single Arm Db/KB Push Press*

*Control down and reset each rep



A) 6 Sets in 16min

Box/Bench Squat

10,6, 3,3,3,3

Super Set w/

12-16 Banded RKBS


4 Sets

B1) ) 8/leg DB/KB Front Rack Front Foot Elevated Split



B2) 10 Superman to Prison to Strict Cross Body K2E


B3) 14 ) DB Suitcase Jump Squats@ 30X0




18min Clock:

Row Continuously @ moderate pace

*At the 3, 9, 15min mark get off the rower

and complete:

15 Tall Kneeling Landmine Goblet Press

*At the 6, 12, 18min mark get off the rower

and complete:

15 Feet Elevated Box Push Ups w/ 1 sec pause at btom


18min Clock:

Bike or Jump Rope Continuously @ moderate pace

*At the 3, 9, and 15min mark get off and complete:

15 Barbell Reverse Curl@ 20X0

*At the 6, 12, and 18min mark get off the

bike and complete:

15 KB Hollow Body Pull Over


SUNDAY @ 11am

Movement Therapy with Jess: Hip and Low Back Care and Mobility

Please register on Pike13 App

50-60min to work on understanding your hip and low back mobility. How to improve mobility and stability. This is not a workout, but more a of a learning session.

Upcoming Sundays

Jan 31st: Kipping Skills Class w/ Meg


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