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1/11/2021 - 1/17/2021

Weekly Announcements

1) The Lifestyle Plan @ Vickery Athletics


Participants be active in checking your emails throughout the week for what is to come.

2) Sunday Specialty Class this Week Aerobic Conditioning with Zach



A) 8min Amrap

100m Row

5-7 Yoga Push Ups


B) 6 Sets in 16min

Bench Press


Super Set

14 Alt No Push Up Renegade Row


C) 37/30 Cal Row Sprint

Right Into...

3 Rounds

30 Toes to Bar

30 Push Ups

Cap 15min



A) 3 Sets

25/Side Split Squat Stance Hold

60sec Hip Bridge Hold


B) Emom x 16 min

Min 1: 10 Hvy Goblet Drop Lunges (red plate)

Min 2: 15 RKBS


C) Emom x 16min

Min 1: 25-30sec of Bicycle Crunches

Min 2: 40 Double Unders



A) Couch Stretch 2.5min per side


B) "Kelly"

5 Rounds for Time

400m Run

30 Box Jump

30 Wallball

30min Time Cap



4 Sets

A1) 7 Barbell Strict Press*

*2 sec pause at the top


A2) 8-10 Strict Pullups


A3) 10 Weighted Dips*

*2 sec pause at bottom of the dip


A4) 100m Heavy Farmers Carry



B) 8min of Abmat Situps

20sec of work

10sec of rest



A) 6 Sets in 16min

Box/Bench Sqaut


Super Set

10/side Weighted Calf Raise


B) 1000m Row Time Trial



12 Sets Alternating Sets w/ a Partner

8 Burpees

12 Primal Shoot Throughs

16 Suitcases

300m Run

16 Suitcases

12 Primal Shoot Throughs

8 Burpees

Rest while partner is working


SUNDAY @ 11am

Aerobic Conditioning with Zach

This is a 50minute workout to focus on Aerobic conditioning. This is open to all members. Open Gym members are welcome to come to Open Gym during this class.

This is less of a coached class and more of a workout along the coach.

It won't be fancy, its a good sweat to recover after a hard week or just get an extra day in because you missed a day this week.

Upcoming Sundays

Jan 24th: Hip Mobility Skills Class w/ Jess

Jan 31st: Kipping Skills Class w/ Meg


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