Vickery Intramurals 2021
Score Submission, Heat Registration, and Info Page

Well, well, well.... We did it guys and girls. Great job on this... intense.... 3 weeks of the Intramural Open. We had many firsts in the gym as far as fitness goes, and had an amazing 3 Saturdays in a row. 

It has been 1 year since we shut down the gym and moved to Twitch for 3 months. For Vickery it was a rough and tough 2020. We lost a good amount of members and have had a slow start to 2021 as things slowly return to normal, but through y'alls loyalty we have remained open and continue to grow as the year pushes on. 

We would of not survived the lock down if it wasn't for our core members, which by all means is every single one of y'all.  

Thank you for your support, bringing your friends/family, coming daily to class and believing in our vision here at Vickery. 



photo mar 27, 23 30 48.jpg

Spirit Award (5pt): Mulan - For insanely obvious and over the top reasons. MVPs Karrs and  Casey Shomaker

Sweat Award (3pts): Alex Martin - Week 3 instead of just flopping and giving up on the pullups he proceeded to fight for his first 3 reps ever. There were an insane amount of people each week the sweat award could of gone to. Thanks for the effort everyone.

Deathmatch (4pts): Mulan - With absolutely no mercy Mulan came and crushed the competition as Helios and Churro crumbled around them.

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