Covid-19 and Vickery

Details Below - Updated 11/1

IF you test Positive for Covid19 take the following steps to return to gym

1) Notify Zach Immediately

2) Quarantine for Two Weeks from positive test.

3) After two weeks of quarantine from positive test date you may return to the gym.

IF you have first hand Covid19 exposure take the following steps

1) Notify Zach immediately

2) Monitor symptoms for the next 2-7 days. 

3) If symptomatic go get test and quarantine for two weeks. 

4) If positive follow steps above in first part. 

In Class Exposures

If we have a case where a positive member has been to class unaware of their diagnosis. Zach will send individual texts to at risk class members telling them to monitor their symptoms. 

A failure to comply to these steps will result in a membership cancellation. 

Main Cleaning Chemical in our Facility


(EPA Reg. No 1839-168-1270)

CLICK HERE for more info 

Important Gym Procedures

Gym Procedure Changes and Reminders*****

Entering the gym WHEN A CLASS IS THERE BEFORE YOU (530p/645p/9am/10am)

1) Enter the gym when the coach calls you in

2) Keep you stuff and wash your hand OR use hand sanitizer

3) Put your stuff IN THE BACK of the gym at the table and cubbies. 

4) When class is over there is no reason to enter back into the front of the gym. Grab your stuff and exit out of the back of the gym. 

***** These procedures changes do not apply to the 6am or 12pm classes. They will follow the same procedure as we have had because there is no class interchange. 

Outdated (but still relevant) Class and Gym Procedure Video - CLICK HERE

Class Sign In Policy

-Classes must be signed up for IN ADVANCE via Pike13 (our back end system)

-You can sign up a week or more in advance. 

-Download the "Pike13" App. (Both for Apple and Android

- Classes will remain open until the are at our cap.

-Class cancellations must be done at least one hour beforehand or a $10.00 late cancellation fee will be charged.

-No shows will result in a $10.00 fee.

-Wait lists will be in place for all classes if full. (18 person cap (32% building capacity)

-Classes must be signed up for 10min before start of class. 

Class Re-Opening Schedule 


5:45am - 7:00am 

12:00pm - 1:15pm

4:15pm - 5:30pm 

5:30pm - 6:45pm

6:45pm - 8:00pm



9am -10am

10am - 11am

Sunday: 11:00am and 12:00pm Open Gym Slots

*Sunday Movement and Skills are called off for now

*Saturday Classes will all be the same class. No Strength

*This is fluid and will evolve as we can open up more

Gym Policies

-No unannounced trial classes for new friends. New members can reach out directly, sign up, and then get started into class.

-No Class Pass or Drop-ins (even friends and family)

-Use community chalk in gym at own discretion. (Personal Liquid Chalk encouraged)

-If you are visibly ill you will be asked to leave

-If you are non-compliant with cleaning, social distancing, or hand washing policies your membership will be cancelled.

-3/6/12 month memberships will continue to roll over to monthly ($205 +discounts) until the end of year. We will discuss steps to get back onto upfront memberships once we are past this year.

- We will continue to not do workouts that require equipment sharing or sharing between sets.


-Personal sweat towels/rags are encouraged.

Message from Zach (owner)

This is a small community. We look out for each other. If you are a member or plan to become one. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS COMMUNITY. Limit exposure to big crowds, DO NOT come in if you have been exposed or symptomatic of Covid19. If you are a member you are expected to only come to Vickery for workouts. Not globo gym, not franchise facility group classes, nasty apartment gyms...we do not control the cleaning situations in those places.

Remember anywhere you go, you bring back to Vickery. For most of us gym time is when we are regularly around the most people. So once again, watch out for your community. 


Thank you 

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